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Aug. 11th, 2013


A Request Fic- Chapter Three

Chapter ThreeCollapse )

Jul. 11th, 2013


A Request Fic- Chapter Two

Read more...Collapse )

Jun. 27th, 2013


A Request Fic- Chapter One

For queensthief4evr

It was a truth universally acknowledged...Collapse )

Apr. 8th, 2012


The Magic of Flowers

AN: I was supposed to write something connected to my past entry but it didn't work out so well. I wrote this instead. The prompt was Germinate, it was written for the writing contest community brigits_flame

Springtime is coming...Collapse )

Mar. 30th, 2012


To Defeat the Dragons

Title: To Defeat the Dragons
Rating: G
Word Count: 329
Author's Note: This was written for brigits_flame as a Just For Fun entry. The prompt was 'Strike'. I think I used it rather vaguely here, but I meant it in a sort of military sense.

And isn’t that what bravery truly is?Collapse )

Mar. 18th, 2012



Title: Nero
Word Count: 130 +author's notes
Rating: G

A Just for Fun entry at the online writing competition brigits_flame

It's not really about him...Collapse )

Sep. 19th, 2011


For a Friend

Catch All Time Low on Sept. 21 at SM North EDSA The Block 6:00 pm for their mall appearance and on Sept. 22 at the Araneta Coliseum for their concert! Details at www.facebook.com/astroplus1!

Special thanks to Astroplus, Ovation Productions, Dayly Entertainment and MCA Music!

Jun. 5th, 2011


Fugue Refugee: Voices


Run, baby, runCollapse )

May. 15th, 2011


An Eviler Evil

I don't know why I chose the name GiovanniCollapse )

May. 7th, 2011


Plots, Potions and Omens

Topic: 'Good Omens', 'There was a spark.'- first line, 'Verisimilitude'
AN: I had a lot of fun writing this. It's a continuation of April, Week 2's topic. I apologize for the length, but I hope you all like it anyway. 

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